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1 Year Limited Warranty

All of our cabinets are warranted to the original purchaser for one year after the purchase date. We guarantee the original purchaser that all parts and components are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. (Defects are defined as any imperfection that may prohibit the proper use of the cabinets.) This warranty applies to the original cabinet purchaser only and is Non-transferable

As with all-natural materials, wood is affected by environmental factors such as natural and artificial lighting. Darkening or mellowing can be expected and is a natural process for wood as it ages. Each wood species also exhibits its own distinctive patterns and characteristics which add to its natural beauty. These variations in color and characteristics are not considered imperfections or defects. This warranty does not cover the natural aging and darkening of the wood color nor does it apply to the inherent growth characteristics of wood. Painted finish joint breaks on door and drawer face stile and rail joinery are normal and not considered a manufacturing defect due to the natural expansion and contraction of wood. A touch up kit can be ordered to reduce the appearance of this situation. Doors that are warped 1/4” or less must be allowed to hang in a climate controlled environment through two (2) seasons (i.e. apring, Summer) before replacement will be made. Typically, the door will retain its normal flat position after conditioning to its environment. Prior to requesting a replacement, please be sure that the problem is not an installation deficiency.

This warranty applies only to normal indoor consumer use. Product used for commercial or outdoor use is excluded. Not covered under this warranty are cabinets showing normal wear and tear: cabinets that were not stored or installed properly, improperly assembled or disassembled, intentionally damaged, misused, or exposed to the elements: cabinets that have defects due to excessive moisture, accidents or negligence: and cabinets that have been changed or modified in anyway.

This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the defective component parts at our discretion. Our liability is expressly limited to the cost of material for the repair or replacement of defective goods. We may elect to repair or replace the product with a product of equal or lesser value and complementary style if the original style is no longer available. Due to the aging process of natural wood, EBP cannot guarantee an exact match between the finish of the existing product and the replacement product.

In no event is EBP liable for incidental, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from the use of our cabinets . This warranty does not cover the cost of assembly, installation, removal, subsequent damage or transportation of the defected product or replacement.

Some States do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty may last or the exclusion and/or limitations of incidental and/or consequential damages. Therefore the above limitations may not apply. This warranty slows specific rights that may vary from state to state. Any claims made under this warranty must be presented in writing with a dated sales invoice and accompanied by photographs of defective material.


Noting damage on the driver’s delivery receipt is a “must-do” by our customers for EBP to complete a proper freight claim with the carrier. Please note that this action does not initiate a claim for a replacement product with EBP. Customer service must be contacted directly by your office in the event that you have damaged or warranty items, we use this program to solve any issues as quickly and efficiently to better serve you. It also helps us to note any problems so we can address any issues that become repetitive.

  1. Take picture of the damaged part and packaging condition (note builder number & QC number) immediately and e-mail it to our customer service department: [email protected] This information is crucial for reimbursement, processing and the development of our future preventative measures
  2. Do not use, destroy or disregard the damaged item as it is property of the freight carrier. It is required that the item be available for the shipping company to retrieve.They will contact you to arrange pick-up
  3. If we are not supplied with the photos or the item is not made readily available for pick-up, you will be charged for the replacement
  4. No cabinet/parts will be replaced after 14 days of shipment

On all “RTA/KD” cabinets, we will not replace the cabinet/part if the cabinethas been assembled.
If you need out of warranty replacements, these can be purchased. Contact Customer Service for details.
Warranty Form